Eurosolve Grows with MV

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You might never have heard of Eurosolve, but this business supplies a wide variety of solvents to businesses of all sizes across the country. So why are we making a fuss about them? Because niche businesses like Eurosolve are often unknown outside of their industry but are essential to the economy – and we are exceptionally proud to be support them.

We’ve been supplying Eurosolve with vehicles for a number of years and we’ve just provided them with another one, a Scania G230 Curtainsider which will be used as a delivery vehicle. We are really proud of how the vehicle looks and we are sure that you wil agree this vehicle will be turning heads wherever it goes.


We chatted to Joe Singleton and asked him what the MV difference was: “Our previous vehicle was also from MV and so we had no hesitation in using them again. A nationwide supplier with a local feel and knowledgeable staff is very important to us.”

As with every business reliability was always on Joe’s mind when looking at vehicles – that is until MV stepped in with our full repair and maintenance lease options: “Having the strong, reliable support of MV Commercial is also very satisfying to the Management of the company as they know that the vehicle will have regular services and inspection from the staff at MV and as they are located nearby to us it is good to be able to pop in and get them to check over any problems that may arise.”

Laura Raeburn, our Rental Business Development Manager, has been working with Eurosolve for years: “Over the years we have built a strong relationship with the team at Eurosolve and have always been there to provide support and advice to ensure that their business continues to grow without any problems from their fleet. This latest vehicle will continue to build that relationship.”


For more information about Eurosolve, visit their website here: