MV Commercial at Black Isle Show 2015

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It seems that the show never stops here at MV Commercial! Of course this week we’re talking about the Black Isle Show up at Muir of Ord. We were thrilled to be invited by W & W Mackie to show our New Scania R490 Cheesewedge Plant Body Fitted with a Cormach 45000 E6 ASC (available now on Contract Hire).

If you haven’t been up to the Black Isle Show then you have missed out on some of the most hospitable people in the UK. Not only were W & W Mackie great hosts, but everyone that came through the stand was friendly and up for a quick chat and some coffee. Of course this might have had something to do with the great weather, but we also like to think that it had something to do with the DAF XF 510 with Cormach 75 that was once again towering over the entire show. 

This build was a popular attraction for both operators and drivers alike. The interest in this outstanding 75 t/m crane exceeded our expectations, but is definitely a sign that the industry is getting really excited about the arrival of Cormach cranes in to the United Kingdom.

While the show itself was great fun – especially thanks to all the old friends and customers that flocked through our stand – the drive up itself was special. In the industry we often run the risk of becoming desensitised to the beauty that passes us as we drive through the UK and trips like this into the Highlands are a great reminder of just how lucky we are to be surrounded by these views every day.

This year our stand was handled by Billy Alexander (Crane Division) and Mark Main (Fleet Sales and Marketing), but after hearing about just how great it was while chatting around the water cooler, we are definitely going to be seeing a lot more of the MC Commercial team up there next year!

Want to see why so many people are getting excited about our new Cormach cranes? Come join us at the next event in Kent which is Truckfest South East on September 12th and 13th or visit our website for more information.