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Here at MV Commercial we are no stranger to truck and haulage events through the UK, but for us this year’s Truckfest Scotland was doubly special. Not only is it in our own backyard, but this year, in addition to our great range of builds on display, we were also proud to be showing off some of our new Cormach Cranes

While Truckfest Scotland might not be as big as some of the ones south of the border, it certainly makes up for it with variety, excitement and of course roaring Scottish hospitality. MV Commercial’s stand at the Truckfest year was no exception with a constant stream of old friends and new paying our team a visit throughout the weekend to catch up and take a closer look at one of the stars of the show, our EURO 6 DAF 510 Tag Axle fitted with the latest Cormach 75000 Crane. Quite literally towering over the whole event and certainly one of the most outstanding builds on display, the DAF attracted plenty of attention from a wide variety of industry professionals and family visitors alike and our team were on hand to chat and share their excitement and experience with everyone.

Of course our DAF was not the only star of the weekend: the legendary Lizard Lick Towing team took time out of their hectic schedule to pay a surprise appearance to our stand (attracted by the DAF we reckon!).  The stars of the hit TV show were joined by other great family entertainment events such as the ever popular and thrilling Swamp Thing Monster Truck and Motorcycle Stunt Bike Team Duo Broke FMXthat set the crowd’s pulse racing.

Back at our stand there was just as much energy as our customers, friends and families proved beyond a doubt that not only is MV Commercial growing as a business, but also firmly planting its flag as one of the UK’s leading provider of original build crane vehicles.

Want to see what all the excitement is about? Come join us at the next event in {} or visit our website for more information.