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If your aim is to own your vehicle at the end of the set usage period, then a commercial vehicle Hire Purchase deal is best suited to your needs. A Hire Purchase, also known as a “truck lease purchase” deal, is the most straightforward way to finance your truck.

  • Fixed payments over a set can be structured for lower payments with final or balloon payment options available.
  • Only the VAT of the purchase price is required as a deposit for fixed term deals structured on a fixed period with no balloon payment.
  • You own the truck after the last payment at the end of the fixed term.


If want to avoid the costs associated with depreciation, maintenance and disposal, then Contract Hire is for you. This is a fixed term, fixed cost contract with or without maintenance and ideal for fleet managers.

  • If ownership is not a priority this frees up cash flow and credit lines.
  • Our flexible and affordable agreements also offer rolling contracts at the end of the agreed term.
  • We operate “fair wear and tear” and mileage agreements on our contract hire agreements. This is subject to status and our standard terms and conditions.


If you think you might want to buy your vehicle at the end of your Contract Hire, then Contract Purchase is for you. This deal offers all the benefits of Contract Hire with the option to purchase your vehicle at the end of the agreed fixed term.

  • If you want to own the vehicle outright but not in a position to pay a lump sum at the start, this deal is ideal for you.
  • You also get certain tax advantages for Contract Purchase while helping your cash flow.
  • We guarantee the future resale value of the vehicle through our finance company and at the end of your fixed term you can buy the vehicle or return it to us as per the terms and conditions of the agreement.


If all you want is a fixed monthly payment and are not looking to own the vehicle, Finance Leasing is designed to meet your needs.

  • You can select the truck you want and then hire it from us at a fixed monthly cost over a set period.
  • Your vehicle is available through reduced payments as our finance company claims the writing down allowances and passes the saving on to you. 
  • After the end of the fixed term the truck is sold with the majority of sales proceeds treated as a rebate of rentals to you.
  • Your repayments can usually be offset against taxable profits.


If you are looking for low monthly payments then Operating Lease is designed for you. The residual value of the vehicle is built in to reduce your monthly payments and a low deposit makes this the ideal solution for business owners and fleet managers.

  • In most cases your monthly payments can be written off as expenses and the vehicle does not need to be depreciated over a term of years making this a very tax efficient way to fund your fleet.
  • You can either return the vehicle or extend the rental period at the end of the term, making this a flexible solution for business owners and fleet managers alike.
We are proud to offer Asset Finance through MV Asset Finance. Speak to us today to finance your next truck on low deposit, flexible terms that are designed around your business needs.*

*T&Cs apply. Subject to status.