Nugent 3 Axle 21 Feet Cheese-Wedge Drawbar Trailer, Plated @ 25,000 Kgs

Nugent Refinements:

3x 8000 Kgs Axles, Front Lift Axle, Air Suspension, 28 mm Hard wood Floor, Extendable Towing Arm, 57mm Draw Bar Coupling, Galvanized Wheel Infills, SAF Drum Axles, Rope Hooks, Twist Locks x6 , SAF Landing Leg
The MV Truck Rental Team
Chassis Information
Make: Nugent
Model: 3 Axle Drawbar
Body type Trailer
Axle Config: 3 Axle Trailer
Registration: SA9NUGCWG21450267
Odometer Delivery Mileage
57mm Drawbar Coupling
Body Information
Body type Trailer
Body width 8ft 4
Body length 21FT
Chain Lashing Points
Conspicuity tape
Lashing Rings
28mm Keruing Hardwood Floor
Trailer Information
SAF landing legs
SAF running gear
Galvanised wheel infills

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